<i>Workforce Management</i> April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009
Diversity and the Obama Effect
by Jessica Marquez
Experts believe Obama’s election will usher in a new era of workplace diversity, going beyond considerations of race and gender. Now the question is, can diversity leaders capture their CEOs’ attention?


Pushing Doctors to Go Digital
by Jeremy Smerd

Employers’ thinking on switching employees’ health records from paper to electronic is shifting, perhaps helped by promised billions from the recent funding of the federal stimulus package.

The Last Word
Bad Beyond Belief
John Hollon
HR's Legal Duty
From our readers

 New Act for Wall Streeters
New York City looks to keep important financial talent in the region by retraining displaced workers. A stimulus-act provision puts companies accepting funds under stricter rules. Immigration reform has "slipped a couple rungs" down the agenda. A legal settlement has employers reassessing physician reimbursement. 5 Questions: Minorities in the C-Suite, Opportunity in the downturn. Legal Briefing:  Pay for study; job training. The Hot List: Consumer-driven health providers.

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