<i>Workforce Management</i> May 8, 2006

May 8, 2006
Weyerhaeuser Reframes Itself
By Charlotte Huff
A string of acquisitions spurred the forest products company to overhaul its 15,000-
person residential wood products division and change the way the workforce does business.

In Touch With Intangibles
By Dave Ulrich and David Creelman
Forward-thinking companies must understand how HR practices influence a set of hard-to-grasp but critical elements: intangibles.

The Last Word
Enough whining already
HR conferences
  In the Mail
Cheers for John Sullivan
Readers comment on Dr. John Sullivan's new column.

Immigration on center stage
On the streets and in Washington, reform is debated, but unresolved. 'Friends' Ruling lets talk flow: Employees will have more difficulty in suits over "untargeted" sex talk. Google's search: Its upgraded corporate search tool raises security questions. Legal Briefings: Arms and immigration. Data Bank: Sky-high ROI. Hot List: Top relocation service providers. And more.
Feast or famine hiring trends
Uneven markets for such professionals as lawyers and accountants lead to ever-more divergent hiring strategies..

Global Workforce
Data privacy may trigger trouble
Some U.S. multinationals are paying scant attention to Canadian and European privacy laws.

Their debt, your problem
Employers offer workers help in getting a handle on their money matters.


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