IDear Workforce-I How Can I Get People to Type Faster

July 9, 2000

Dear Workforce:

My question is, how can we as employers prove productivity from secretaries and typists? We are sitting in a dilemma where we are requested to employ more typist/secretaries because the ones we have are not productive enough.

This means that the departments are constantly in backlog. I feel that we can't keep on employing staff because of unproductive members.

--Kiki Coppin, Human Resources Manager, Sandton/Johannesburg, South Africa.

A Dear Kiki:

When one notices a lack of performance across a specific population or employee base within the organization, one of the first things to look at is the performance evaluation process.

Do the employees know what they are being evaluated upon, such as which competencies are required for the job? Secondly, take a look at recruitment and staffing. Have the correct competencies for the job been identified and thus used in the interview process?

Generally, when competencies are correctly applied and evaluated as the job changes, the organization will see fewer performance problems because both the employee and the employer understand the needed knowledge, skills and abilities.


SOURCE: Deloitte and Touche, New York.

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