IDear Workforce-I Where Should HR Be on My Company Chart

August 9, 2000

Dear Workforce:

Could you please tell me where the HR Manager falls in relationship to the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer? I have been placed under the CFO and from all of my experience the HR Manager falls under the Chief Operations Officer who is directly below the President.

In other words I report directly to the boss not a department head. Our company employs about 40-45 personnel.


A Dear Dale:

You'll want to have a VP of HR or Chief Workforce Officer (CWO), which should be a high-ranking, strategic position that reports as close as possible to the CEO, hopefully directly to the CEO.

HR needs the ear of the CEO, since recruiting and retention often impact revenues, profits, and stock price more than anything else. This is particularly true during these labor-shortage, employees-have-the-upper-hand times we're working in.

There are lots of examples of companies who's market values are hurting right now because either 1) they can't recruit or hold on to employees or 2) there is at least a perception, whether true or not, they can't recruit or hold on to employees. Microsoft is one that falls at least into the latter category.

Under the CWO, an HR manager can fulfill many of the day-to-day responsibilities.


SOURCE: Todd Raphael, Online Editor for Workforce.

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