IDear Workforce -IHow Do I Retain My IT Workers

March 22, 2000

Dear Workforce:

How do I retain my IT workers now that Y2K is over and they're getting ancy?


Dear Longing-for-the-Bubbly:

The Y2K problem was only one aspect of what IT professionals do. There are many more opportunities for the application of IT expertise.

Show your IT employees what other work needs to be done. Help them see that there is still plenty to do, that they still have a home with your company.

Remember that these workers want challenges, they want to be busy, and they want to see results from their efforts. Make them feel wanted, not to be discarded just because we're past Y2K.

There are hundreds of things that can be done to keep people--whether they're IT professionals or in some other occupation. Concentrate on:

  • The work environment
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Support for people to do their jobs
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Fair compensation.

Remember that the relationship between the worker and his/her immediate supervisor is the most influential. Be sure your supervisors--at all levels--are well-trained in how to keep their good employees.


SOURCE: Roger Herman, CSP, CMC, The Herman Group, Greensboro, NC.

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