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April 25, 2002

Hris moving to free itself from the burdensome administrative paperwork that haskept it from really contributing to the organization's most critical goals. Withits powerful capabilities for helping HR recruit, train, and retain greatpeople, the Internet can help.

Questium University
Humanic Solutions

Questium eUniversity


Questium eUniversity: Ensures the Maximum Return on Each Training Dollar

Saving Money Is Just One of Many Benefits
In today’s fast-paced, budget-restricted environment, employers needtraining programs that meet multiple business objectives. Questium eUniversityoffers your company a valuable opportunity to lower expenses: E-Learning canreduce your face-to-face training costs by as much as 50 percent. Eliminatetravel costs and hours of classroom time while your employees learn to worksmarter.

Questium eUniversity rapidly delivers more than 200 high-quality, Web-basedcourses and seminars. Leadership, Human Resources, Basic Communication, SalesFundamentals, Litigation Prevention -- these are just a few of many businessissues addressed by nationally recognized subject matter experts. QuestiumeUniversity is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at home or at theoffice.

• Empower Your Employees
Why waste expensive employee hours having them review content they’vealready mastered? Questium’s pre-test system identifies areas for improvementand delivers only the content needed to complete an employee’s skill set;Questium reduces unnecessary training time.

Research shows that lack of training and development is the second mostcommon reason employees quit their jobs. We have your solution to employeeretention and growth -- Questium eUniversity.

• Demonstrate Efficiency in Action
Questium’s Learning Management System tells you more than simply whichemployees took a course. The HR manager or training specialist can analyzeemployees’ use of training programs, monitor course tests, and generateemployer documentation and employee completion certificates. Your company isable to track individual, team, and organizational results. The organization isrewarded with enhanced efficiency and more productive, knowledgeable workers.

• Try Questium eUniversity -- at No Cost
For a limited time, Questium eUniversity is offering a no-cost trial. Formore information about this offer and Questium eUniversity, please visit or call (800) 327-7526.

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Humanic Solutions


Outsourcing Options Abound

A Fortune 500 bank with multiple locations thatprovided HR and payroll services wanted to cut costs, increase employeeservices, and add a new HRIS to address its complex reporting requirements.

In the middle of an HR and payroll conversion, aworldwide supplier of tools, hardware, and storage systems terminated itsagreement with their implementation services vendor. The Fortune 500 companywanted to identify a new partner, complete the conversion, and have theapplication managed remotely, all on a tight deadline.

A marketing firm was looking for an HRMSsolution. Each function, including HR, payroll, production, financial, andaccounting was managed independently. They needed an application to minimizeduplicate data entry and help the company perform project costing, billing, andROI measurements, based on data integrated from across the company, customers,and vendors.

What links the bank, the supplier, and themarketer?

They were all able to source solutions from onestrategic business partner -- Humanic Solutions. Humanic Solutions providedthese organizations with flexible business process outsource and integratedsoftware options for their HR, payroll, and employee administrative functions.

Humanic Solutions provides maintenance,development, and upgrades for the applications, thereby significantly reducingclient investment in hardware, staff, R&D, and systems support. Theoutsource services include HR, payroll and benefits transaction processing, callcenters, on-boarding new/hire center, expatriate processing, Web and voiceresponse self service, tax filing and reporting, business process reengineering,and printing/distribution of checks and forms. Humanic also develops andmaintains all required interfaces including general ledger, ACH, and third partyadministrators.

"There is no doubt that our experience and breadth of services and focus onthe larger employer are primary reasons why clients select us," said JimDevanna, Humanic Solutions Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Humanic Solutions handled all aspects of the bank’shuman resource and payroll process, including a new time and attendance system,resulting in greater efficiencies and providing an excellent return oninvestment.

The supplier was delighted to have identified onesource for its various requirements. The company’s payroll manager got exactlywhat he wanted, a partner to bring technical experience to manage theapplication remotely and to respond to the short-term challenge while planningfor longer-term alternatives.

The marketer’s finance director stated, "Wewere especially impressed by the fact that they looked beyond our immediaterequirements and demonstrated features valuable to us in the future. Humanicgreatly exceeded our expectations -- no vendor compared."

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182 Second St, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

Recruitsoft 5: Enterprise Staffing Solution with ACETM ConfigurableWorkflow

With the recent introduction of Recruitsoft 5:Enterprise Staffing Solution with ACETM Configurable Workflow, Recruitsoft hasintroduced another paradigm shift for global staffing management.

 Recruitsoft 5 features the firstenterprise-wide staffing workflow platform with flexible configuration formultinational organizations -- enabling the configuration of workflow processesfrom such macro factors as country, region, company and division, to such microfactors as individual job type.

 Recruitsoft clients are reaping thebenefits of Recruitsoft 5. Jon Walker, Dow Chemical’s director of informationtechnology for human resources, quoted in Business Week, noted that withRecruitsoft, the company had shaved the time it takes to fill a job from 90 daysto 34. Alliance Atlantis, a leading filmmaker, noted in a national televisionbroadcast that its average cost per hire declined by 50 percent with Recruitsoft,and that service levels to candidates and hiring managers had improvedsignificantly.

 Today, Hewlett-Packard posts jobs online inJapanese.

 Recruitsoft 5 builds on Recruitsoft’sstrong heritage to address the cultural, regulatory, language, and localizationissues of global staffing management. Recruitsoft launched a revolutionaryparadigm shift in enterprise staffing management with the 1999 introduction ofRecruiter WebTop™ and Skills-based Recruiting. Recruitsoft quickly gained thelargest market share among the world’s leading organizations, with suchclients as Dow Chemical, Hewlett-Packard, The Gillette Company, JPMorganChase,Fidelity, and many more. Recruitsoft also received numerous industry awards,including the Best Customer Satisfaction, by ERE Research.

 Recruitsoft 5 modules include:

  • Recruiter WebTop
  • Hiring Manager WebTop & eLearning Module
  • Resume Relief™
  • Career Site Builder
  • Staffing Metrics Reporter

 Recruitsoft professional services and toolsengineer best practices to increase process efficiency, quality, and return oninvestment. Included are Business Process Reengineering; Modeling Services;Project Management and Training; Change Management and Education; SystemsIntegration to ERP vendors; and 24/7 Multilingual Consultative Support.

Thanks to its complete services, leadingtechnology, and market share, Recruitsoft was the subject of a recent (3/14/02)CIBC Research note on Enterprise Software providers, which stated, "we canunequivocally state that Recruitsoft is the leading vendor in the salaried,large employer market (>5,000 employees)." For a free white paper onRecruitsoft 5, log onto www.recruitsoft.comor call (888) 836-3669.

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1625 Broadway, Suite 2600
Denver, CO 80202

Best-of-Breed Software

SPECTRUM Human Resource Systems Corporation is a pioneer in the developmentof human resource management systems (HRMS) for the personal computer. Remainingindependent and funding its growth through revenues, SPECTRUM has carved a solidniche by offering consistently high-quality HR products and services.Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, SPECTRUM serves the HRMS needs of both smalland large organizations.

 Since its founding in 1984, SPECTRUM has provided HRMS software to over 6,000organizations. The company owes its success to client enthusiasm achievedthrough not only the complete functionality of the software, but also theservices provided directly from within the organization. SPECTRUM’s strategicHR solutions products, iVantage® and HRVantage®, provide unequaled integrationof HR knowledge, industry experience, and latest technology.

 iVantage is a fully Web-native HRMS that provides HR, managers, and corporateexecutives anytime, anywhere access to vital HR data. Using the iVantageAnalysis capability powered by Crystal Decisions technology, employee statisticsand corporate data become strategic information. Add-on modules for specificneeds such as Position Control and Budgeting, Salary Survey, and Employee andManagerial Self-service provide organizations with even greater flexibility andfunctionality. In addition, iVantage interfaces to payroll providers or in-housepayroll systems, and other third-party software solutions. Systems can beimplemented on servers at the organization’s own location or SPECTRUM willhost the system at a secure, managed facility and act as the DBA. iVantage isalso available on a subscription basis for a small monthly fee.

The company’s LAN based product, HRVantage, provides desktop departmentalsolutions. It is functionally rich and easily customized to serve the uniqueneeds of diverse organizations in every industry. Employee and ManagerSelf-service are available to assist overworked HR departments by reducingpaperwork while providing valuable communications and needed services to everyemployee. An extensive library of standard reports is available, as well as theability to create custom reports.

Nancy Spoor, EVP/COO
(303) 592-3411

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