Making Changes the Right Way Part I of III

September 15, 1999
Here are some questions to determine if your company or non-profit is ready for a large-scale change initiative:

  • Have the folks at the top bought off on it?
  • Are senior managers willing to continually convey the change message?
  • Are they willing to support the change through their own behavior?
  • Below senior management, who are the operational leaders who need to be sold and take an active role in driving the change in their departments?
  • Are current organizational policies, practices, accountability, feedback mechanisms, etc. in line with the change? If not, they could kill the effort.
  • What barriers are in the way? Are there plans to overcome those barriers?
  • Are you being realistic about how long the change process will take?

SOURCE: Randa A. Wilbur, Dechert-Hame & Company.