Manager Evaluation

February 16, 2001
Directions: Read each statement andindicate the degree to which you feel the statement is typically true of yourmanager's behavior.

5 - Always True
4 - Usually True
3 - Neutral
2 - Somewhat True
1 - Not True At All

Providesa thorough orientation to new employees.54321
Teachesspecific job-related or technical skills.54321

Makessure I understand developmental priorities andobjectives.


Makessure I have specific goals in key performance areas.

Assignswork so that I am able to use my skills.54321

Communicatesto me the formal and informal realitiesof progression in the organization.

Makessure I have opportunities to develop.54321
Givesme feedback about my performance.54321

Providesme with guidance to improve my performance.


Encourages,supports, and counsels me in my pursuitof job-related training.


Providesopportunities to discuss performance problems.


Solicitsinput and concerns in relation to proposalsand pending decisions.


Promotesmy participation in "high-visibility" activities.


Representsmy interests and concerns to higher management.

Holdsinformal career development discussions.54321

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