Nine Tips for Avoiding Gender Discrimination

March 6, 2011

Steps that employers can take to prevent gender discrimination charges or address them once they have been made include:

• Establishing a clear, simply stated policy.

• Avoiding gender stereotypes, such as assuming a man is the family’s breadwinner.

• Training employees on avoiding gender discrimination at least annually.

• Establishing a complaint procedure that employees can use without fear of repercussions.

• Conducting pay audits to uncover and address unexplained pay disparities.

• Establishing good communications to explain employment decisions that could cause worker disgruntlement.

• Making a concerted effort to hire a diversified workforce.

• Acting promptly to correct any disparate treatment once a charge is made.

• Avoiding unlawful retaliation but not giving special treatment if the employee who has filed a complaint still is in the workforce.

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