Permission Recruiting

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October 30, 2000
Ongoing communication with clients and prospects is key tobusiness success. Marketing and advertising are precisely aimed at establishingcommunication with the people interested in a company’s products and services.Similarly, the key to successful recruiting is lasting communication withcandidates, especially in today’s competitive labor market.

The Internet, when combined with a powerful hiring managementsystem such as Recruitsoft’sRecruiter WebTopTM, speeds, organizes and automates the establishmentand maintenance of candidate communication efforts. Using principles akin tothose of permission marketing, an approach whereby companies obtain emailaddresses from consumers interested in their products, Recruiter WebTop enablesrecruiters to effortlessly establish communication with interesting andinterested candidates while reducing time lost communicating with unqualified oruninterested candidates. The result is efficient and successful hires who havebeen carefully targeted according to their skill set and career aspirations.

The Challenge

The broad reach of Internet recruiting, though effective atdriving high volume, can result in a corporate candidate database containingmore resumes than could ever be processed. Fortune500 companies receive many thousands of resumes per day online! Transformingthis flood of information from the Internet into clear and timely communicationwith candidates is the challenge corporate recruiters now face.

Recruitsoft’sSolution: WebTop and Career Section Tools

Using the basic principles underlying permission marketing,Recruiter WebTop is designed to transform the massive influx of profiles andresumes into useful communication between the recruiter and the candidates.Permission marketing saves time and money by automatically providing informationonly to those who are interested. The same advantages apply to recruiters usingRecruiter WebTop: targeted communication through automated email correspondencewith candidates, both active and passive, who have the potential to becomesuccessful hires.

At the outset of the "permission recruiting"process, the candidate provides an email address when submitting a profile orapplying for a job.

  • At the candidate’s request, Recruiter WebTop’s JobAgent automatically sends the candidate ongoing information about jobopenings matching his or her profile and directs them to apply online. Thiskeeps candidates coming back to the corporate Web site.
  • With its skill-based recruiting feature, Recruiter WebTopautomatically screens candidates when they apply for a job. Candidates areautomatically ranked and presented to the recruiter. Recruitsoft’s hiringmanagement system automatically and instantly alerts the recruiter when anACE candidate (one that fully matches recruiter-designated criteria) hasapplied. Then the recruiter can quickly communicate with the candidate.
  • The recruiter can easily remind candidates to communicatechanges to their profile when required by sending them an automaticallygenerated request for more information. This keeps the database up-to-datewith interesting candidates.

Fast Communication Ensures First PickOf Qualified Candidates

By applying permission marketing techniques to recruiting,Recruiter WebTop allows the recruiter to quickly communicate with top candidatesby optimizing the use of the company’s database. The faster these candidatesare reached, the smaller the chances that a competitor will get first pick, andultimately, the less time and money that will be spent in filling job positions.

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