Please Don't Surrender our Rights to the Battles Most of Us are Still Trying to Win.

"I will add you to the list of voodoo women that have contributed to the suppression of other women."

March 17, 2000
I will add you to the list of voodoo women that have contributed to the suppression of other women since the beginning of time.

We can find an example of women who undeservedly whine about their lot in life everywhere we go. The next women will be the true statistic that works more than 40 hours, supporting the men that don't pay her enough provide the American Dream for her family. They don't whine as much because they don't have time. Then you will find a self righteous, privileged, backstabber who will deny that we have a problem.

The good old boys have supported the good old boys that needed a break to support their dreams forever. Blacks try do give business to their African American community. Jews support each other every opportunity they get. Greeks support Greeks, Italians take care of each paisano. However, women will find an excuse to not support another women almost every time another women needs support. "Go Girl" is lip service for our fellow gender. Yes, sound the alarm, women are their own worst enemies.

Maybe you are too young to figure it out because you already bought into the story. Women have given up the rage, because it is politically incorrect to protest and they need to protect their own positions. Look where women were at the turn of the 20th century and then what happened when they sent the "Rose Riveters" home to have two baby boomers and gave "the boys" their jobs back. We took a mega step into the back seat and it has taken every minute since then to get a grip again.

Do we need laws against discrimination, and sexual harassment? You bet we do. We still don't have an Equal Rights Amendment. It was defeated !!

Unemployment under Clinton is the lowest it has been since the war. Statistics look better because employers have to offer competitive wages to fill the jobs. What happens with the next step, job description, title, in the organization is up to the poll taker to measure. Who makes the decision, is it from HR, the CFO, the available gender pool, most qualified, good ol boy, a jealous woman?

Take the proceeds from your book and do some real analysis of how we got here, and why. Give the credit where it is deserved for the freedom of expression, compensation you enjoy and quit living in denial.

Dylan Thomas said "Rage, rage against the dying of the light and do not go gently into that goodnight." We have a long way to go baby - please don't surrender our rights to the battles most of us are still trying to win.