Professional Datasolutions, Inc. Grows with Abra Suite

March 1, 2001
Growing from 70 employees to over 200 in less than six years is what most companies only dream about - but when it does happen, it’s an HR nightmare.

    Professional Datasolutions, Inc. (PDI) is a turnkey developer of convenience store automation software with 25% market share. When business started taking off, it became obvious their homegrown HR system would no longer be able to keep up.

    “We have some unusual benefit programs,” says PDI’s Vice President of Finance and Administration, Kirk Fischer. “We went with Abra HR because it has the ability to build your own formulas and rules, it was a clear ‘head and shoulders’ above other choices in terms of the architecture and functionality.” In addition, PDI simultaneously added Abra Payroll because together they were “a good value for the money.”

    Abra Suite , designed for completeness, ease-of-use and affordability, offers comprehensive HR and payroll processing, recruiting, training, benefits administration, and employee self-service. And now with Abra Alerts™, Abra Suite is the only web-enabled HRIS that notifies employees and managers of key events automatically using their existing email system.

Gaining Hours Everyday
    “I’m no longer the Q&A person and I have time to do the things I need to be doing,” says PDI’s Director of HR, Jan Grimsley, about her experiences with Abra Suite. By giving their employees convenient access to their personal information (such as vacation availability and benefits elections), PDI has experienced cost savings and increased productivity thanks to the reduced number of regular employee calls - leaving time for more strategic HR activities.

    Abra HR helps manage company benefits programs with benefits administration tools, including tracking and preparing reports to ensure government compliance, and electronically storing employee forms and certificates. For example, their Open Enrollment set-up - often a very time consuming task - was completed “in an afternoon using the copy function of the Rate Table,” says Grimsley.

Using the Internet to Reduce the Workload
    “We wanted to take the next step and become web-enabled,” says Fischer, “so we purchased Abra Recruiting Solution and Abra Employee Self-Service.”

    Abra Recruiting Solution™ converts resumes received both from the Internet, and traditionally via fax or mail, into electronic files for continuous applicant matching and ranking against open requisitions, while helping to track hiring expenses. “Recruiting Solution’s ability to keep track of resumes and streamline the sending of acknowledgment letters has greatly reduced the tedium of our HR department,” says Fischer.

    Plus, with Abra Employee Self-Service™ - part of the Abra Suite family - information like paid time-off and current benefits elections is accessible securely to employees and managers. As a result, PDI can share information with their employees online.

    “For example,” says Grimsley, “employees can look at their W-4 online; if changes need to be made, the form is attached and they can submit the changes right away.” In addition, Abra Employee Self-Service allows PDI’s employees to view their paycheck history, paystub details, and direct deposit transactions online.

Shortening the Payroll Process
    Abra Payroll, combined with the functionality of Abra Employee Self-Service, has reduced PDI’s payroll workload by a “half-day per pay period,” says Fischer, because they no longer have to “stuff envelopes or pass out paychecks.” And senior management likes it too, reports Fischer, “It’s easy to look up things like available vacation balances or pay history when going through reviews or approvals.”

    With PDI’s positive Abra experience - and Fischer being a firm believer that “Push Technology is better than Pull,” - they’ve elected to add Abra Alerts, a proactive information distribution system, to help them continue to grow with the help of an all-in-one HRIS solution.