Reorganizing the Performance Appraisal Forms

April 16, 1999
St. Luke's Hospital had a problem on it's hands. Each of its 1325 employees received a 20-page performance appraisal. After considerable reorganizing, it reduced the page count to 13, and the time for managers to complete each one by 30 minutes.




Performance Appraisal Data Collection Form

Score page, competency page and minimum job requirement page

Entry of employee's score, minimum job requirements and competency; HR staff keys the data.

Score Approval Form

Didn't exist previously

Managers verify scores that were keyed in.

Comment Sheet:
Computerized version available in WordPerfect

Three sections of form for comments

Consolidation of all comments to a single form, leaving room for as many comments as desired. Allows for continuous documentation throughout the year.

Summary Page

Three pages of former system

Generated for program to give employee data, detail score, overall score, competency and minimum job requirement scores. Includes space for employee comments.

Personnel Journal, April 1996, Vol. 75, No. 4, p. 120.