Sample Instructions for Handling a Robbery

May 9, 2000
Excerpted from the "Encyclopedia of Pre-written Personnel Policies", copyright Business & Legal Reports, Inc. Old Saybrook, CT ( or 1-800-7-ASK-BLR).

Below are instructions for handling a robbery. You should periodically review these emergency procedures with employees.

Instructions for keeping yourself, employees and guests safe in the event of a robbery:

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Do not resist. Do nothing that will put you or others at risk.
    • Weapons are not permitted on company property.

  3. Do not argue.
  4. Obey the robber's orders.
    • Let the robber know that you intend to obey.
    • If you are not sure of what the robber is telling you to do, ask.

  5. Give the robber the money.
  6. Do not make any sudden moves.
    • If you must reach for something or move, tell the robber what to expect.

  7. Do nothing that will agitate, threaten, surprise, or startle the robber.
    • Do not chase or follow the robber. (This includes people who walk out on checks.)

  8. Focus on remembering details about the individual:
    • Hair color
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Voice
    • Age
    • Clothing
    • Distinguishing marks, i.e., tattoos, scars
    • Noticeable traits, i.e., limp, accent, glasses, left- or right-handed
    • What did he or she touch, so you can preserve it for fingerprints?
    • Do not touch anything that may have fingerprints

  9. Call the police.
    • Do not hang up until they tell you to do so
    • Keep police and other emergency numbers on or near the telephone

  10. Set the alarm.