Sample Telecommuting Proposal Contents

January 1, 2000
When you want to sell a telecommuting plan for your company to the CEO, you'll want to put together a comprehensive proposal. Here's what that proposal should include:

  • Executive summary
    Outline the proposal. It is designed to summarize and highlight the key items detailed in the proposal.
  • Introduction
    Explain why the organization is interested in telecommuting.
  • Definition of telecommuting
    Explain what telecommuting is. Each organization has specific ideas regarding its own program.
  • History of telecommuting
    Introduce the background of telecommuting as a concept. Telecommuting has been in existence for nearly 20 years.
  • Evaluation of competition
    A critical component of your proposal. Request information from a competitor or similar industry that has a telecommuting program. Include whatever statistics are available.
  • Benefits of telecommuting
    List and quantify the potential benefits to the organization.
  • Adjustments
    Document what changes should take place in your organization for telecommuting to be successful.
  • Objectives
    List the objectives of your program by priority. Include a cost-benefit analysis and/or preliminary cost-justification model.
  • Telecommuting policy
    Create a guideline for your custom program.
  • Implementation plan
    Detail a time schedule for implementation.
  • Selection of telecommuters
    Detail the guidelines your organization will use to select telecommuters.
  • Training
    Outline the topics that will be included in the training sessions.
  • Focus groups
    Establish who will be responsible for implementation and early evaluation of the telecommuting program and when the sessions will take place.
  • Evaluation
    Reinforce the reasons for a telecommuting program. It should provide an overview of the anticipated impact telecommuting will have on your organization and underscore the importance of evaluation.
  • Recommendation
    Summarize the benefits of telecommuting for the organization, why it should implement a program, and when that implementation should take place.
  • Appendices
    Include examples of materials referenced in your plan.