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May 6, 1999
You work in the restaurant industry, and want to know how other restaurant employers handle FICA taxes on employee tips.

You handle comp for a union shop on the East Coast, and want to begin a dialogue with other, similar employers about collective bargaining. You're in a big manufacturing company hoping to avoid downsizing, and want to find other large manufacturers to ask about how they've handled similar situations.

Welcome to the Workforce Online Member Network. Just go to the Community Center, scroll down past the forums, and you'll see it. It's a database of every site member who chooses to make his or her profile public, searchable by different fields.

These include:

  • State
  • Country
  • Union status
  • Job title (i.e. VP)
  • Job function (i.e. Benefits)
  • Company size
  • Industry

Once you've found a group of members with similar challenges, you can contact members directly, or submit a request to Workforce Online to set up a Peer Group.

If you're not a Workforce Online member, you can't participate in the Member Network. If you're not a member, other HR pros can't contact you. Join the Member Network when you become a member of Workforce Online.