Selecting an EAP Provider

Things to look for when choosing an EAP.

September 1, 1999
An important element in your efforts to ease stress at your organization is the employee assistance provider. To help you narrow down your search for a qualified EAP service, here are things to look for when choosing an EAP:  

  • Be sure the EAP vendor is both experienced and qualified.
  • Check for a track record that the vendor provides services to companies of similar size and scope.
  • Research the client company references every way you can to ensure that the EAP service provides timely, high-level, quality intervention.
  • Make sure that individual practitioners are highly qualified.
  • Demand that the EAP provider report back to you without breaching confidentiality issues - the firm can provide information such as usage and trends.
  • Be sure the organization offers a consultative approach to working with the HR professionals about how to best improve the program over time to meet the specific needs of that client company.
  • Make sure there is a regular review process.
  • Require the EAP provider to meet the unique culture and needs of your organization. (An EAP for a software company is going to be very different from that of a staid insurance firm, for example.)

Source: Chicago-based ComPsych Corporation

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