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April 1, 2000
Cover Story

Employee, Cover Thyself
By Shari Caudron
Employers are absorbing rising health care costs to prevent employees from jumping ship in these lean labor times. There is a solution to controlling the high costs, but employers can't seem to look it in the eye: health care vouchers -- which would leave choice of plan and coverage up to the employee.


Net Gains to HR Technology
By Samuel Greengard
Now that many human resources departments have been introduced to automated bliss, the new step is to conduct HR entirely online: e-HR. Do you know what HR is capable of doing with newer systems, some software, and an Internet connection? The possibilities are endless.

Minority Execs Want an Even Break
By Sharon Davis
Employers may encourage hiring a diverse workforce. But even though there's been an effort to hire minority executives, companies are doing little to keep them in the door. Learn what minority executives are looking for and how you can create an environment where they can thrive.

Are You Ready to Outsource Staffing?
By Jennifer Laabs
Many HR departments are choosing to outsource day-to-day tasks. Yet with a function as important as staffing, especially when the national unemployment rate is so low, is recruitment something you want to put in the hands of a third party? The key is to know what tasks are "outsource-able" and which vendor will suit you best.

The Hunt for Public Sector IT
By Brenda Paik Sunoo
So you think you have IT recruitment problems? Take a look at public organizations -- they can't even come close to some of the extravagant ways several companies are using to attract tech talent. However, they are discovering alternative ways to stay in the recruiting game. Learn how the public sector is finding and keeping IT workers.

HR 101

Global HR Strategies
In this month's HR 101, we offer tools you can use to push global HR strategy at your organization. Here you'll find a monthly checklist of global HR tasks, and data to compare how you're doing with other growing companies.


On the Contrary
And the Point Is?

You've Been Hacked!

The Buzz
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Legal Insight
Internet Recruitment Limits Demographic Scope

Working Wounded
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