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November 28, 2000
Cover Story:

Training and the ROI of Fun -- ByShari Caudron

Classroom training is fine forinformation sharing. But if you have to motivate, change behavior, or revisehabits, experiential training is the way to go. And yes, playing with Tinkertoyscan have a positive effect on the bottom line.


The ADA at 10 -- By Gail Dutton

Lawmakers say the American withDisabilities Act is working. But activists -- on both sides -- disagree. Thedisparity seems to be a matter of expectations.

Holiday Headaches -- By Victor D. Infante

Peace on earth? NOt in HR, where religiousdifferences, the end-of-the-year paperwork crunch, and the pressures of holidaycommerce collide. If your idea of coping is extra-strength eggnog, here's a shotof some real relief.

Company on Wheels -- By Nancy L. Breuer

Moving an entire division -- or a whole company-- is a job that takes planning, flexibility, and yes, sensitivity. A story ofhow four companies faced the challenge.

They Want Their 401(k)s -- ByJoanne Cleaver

Pensions aren't dead but their pulse is weak.Employees want to see the rewards of their 80-hour workweeks piling up in theirretirement plans now.

The Ethical Company -- By DaytonFandray

Building a company that does the rightthing might not be cheap or easy, but firms that have such a foundation canavert crises, and show real returns: loyal employees and a better bottom line.

S * M * L:

Automated Assessment for Better Hires -- ByGillian Flynn

Companies of all sizes are turning to automatedpre-employment screening tests. They provide a variety of efficiencies, savingtime and money in comparison to the traditional pencil-and-paper route.


Dear Workforce: -- Dos, Don'ts, and Doughnuts: Strategies for Late-StartingMeetings

On the Contrary -- Internet, Schminternet.

InfoWise -- The High Cost of Cyberslacking

The Buzz --

  • TimeOff and Support for Grieving Employees
  • Who's Got the Right Stuff?
  • The Pros of Hiring Ex-Cons
  • Holiday HR Wishes

Forte -- How Cinram Hired 500 people -- inSeven Weeks

Legal Insights -- The Perils of Third-PartySexual Harassment

Working Wounded -- The On-Call Call

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