Table of Contents December 2002

December 3, 2002


Where Have All the Leaders Gone?
...And how can HR get them back?
Corporate heroes are retiring and disappearing in disgrace. The nature of leadership is changing. And HR is helping to fill the vacuum with a galaxy o f new stars.
By Sheri Caudron
Truth and Myths About Work/Life Balance
Ideally, work/life balance programs support diversity and are effective recruitment and retention tools. Trouble is, many companies don't deliver.
By Fay Hansen
Recruiting Outlook: Creative HR for 2003
Despite a puzzling economic forecast, HR professionals are addressing recruitment and staffing issues in innovative ways. The task increasingly requires flexibility and skill.
By Eric Krell
Optimas Award Vision: Axciom Corporation 
At Axciom there are no fancy titles. Everyone office is the same size, and nobody worries about going through the proper channels. The results? Phenomenal growth and a contented workforce.
By Patrick J. Kiger

Special Advertising Section

Success Stories
Opportunity. Creativity. Innovation. Success. These concepts go together, embodying what's best about American culture--a "can do" attitude. As the 12 companies profiled in the following pages show, that spirit of innovation means challenging old assumptions. It means taking risks to try something new, to shake up the organization, to challenge individuals and companies to be something more than they are today. It wasn’t always easy. They all facedhurdles along the way, but they identified them, investigated their options andconsidered the ramifications of each decision. Ultimately, they made a choice,developed a strategy, refined it and guided it through implementation. Risky?Sure. But their results are tangible and measurable. In daring to become thebest, these 5 companies have found ways to work better, smarter and faster.They embody the spirit of America--the spirit of Innovation.

Product Showcase: Training & Development


Between the Lines
CEO Takes HR to Prime Time
HR Should Be the Messenger • Lying at Job Interviews • Workers Are Wise to Reality • Keen Workplace Knowledge
The Buzz
Wireless, but legally exposed • Well Done: Scripps Funds Media Diversity • HR Execs who are raking in the big bucks.
On the Contrary
Shari Caudron visits the U.S. military's nerve center--inside a mountain. She learns that people will go to extraordinary lengths for their employer when the work really counts.
What Works
Despite set backs and a slew of crummy jobs, Kay Hughes got it together and followed her dream. Tom Terez tells her story, and reminds us that the time to realize your goals is now.
Dear Workforce:
Recruiting online with pizzazz • Execute your company's strategy with a new budget • You've got to train supervisors how to write job reviews
Small, Medium, Large
Selling Health to High-Risk Workers: Ten percent of employers consume the vast amount of health-care costs. But there are effective ways to get employees to improve their own health.
Legal Insight
High Court to Test FMLA: The Supreme Court will consider important workplace issues including the FMLA, and the definition of "damages." Legal Posts: Questions abound about company retreats.
Think Twice
HR's Most Unlikely Politician: YTodd Raphael writes about Lynn Woolsey, welfare mom-turned-Congresswoman, and her unique people skills.