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January 31, 2002


Health-Care Costs: HR's Crisis Has Real Solutions
Workers have come to regard company-sponsored health benefits as something like a right, but they're blissfully ignorant of the costs. When HR involves employees in the cost consequences, companies have a real chance to rein in expenses.
By Shari Caudron

HR Must Know When Employee Surveillance Crosses the Line
Internet and e-mail abuse on are on the rise, and monitoring might seem like the solution. But before a company embraces a technology answer to a people problem, HR should take a close look at what workplace surveillance entails.
By Eilene Zimmerman
HRMS Gets Easier, Better for Smaller Companies
HR professionals at smaller companies are finding that HRMS products will do what they want, whether it's tracking, training, or accommodating employee transfers.
By Todd Raphael
Protecting People and Profits with Background Checks
Is background checking the final step before you hire? Experts say you should put background screening first, as the centerpiece of a safe-hiring process.
By Carroll Lachnit

Special Advertising Section

Product Showcase
Recruitment and staffing aren't easy in a down economy. Candidates abound, but the companies showcased here know that you want to make the right hire. They can help.


Between the Lines
Gobbledygook begone.
The pitfalls of volunteerism • Why dredge up a racist past? • An inspiring HR odyssey
The Buzz
Weigh more, earn less • Well Done: A temp agency's permanent solution • Raw Data: Tyson's indictment and counteroffensive
On the Contrary
The economy's crash hit Shari Caudron hard. She threw one long pity party, until she was reminded that we make our own realities. And then everything shifted.
What Works
Business jargon abounds. If you spend your days gabbing about paradigm shifts and robust, cutting-edge thought leadership, read Tom Terez's tale of a buzzword that became a buzzsaw for a too-trendy manager.
Dear Workforce:
The psychic effects of space planning • How can HR tell an employee his salary is being halved? • Making the case for a staffing increase 
Small, Medium, Large
EAPs can do more than help with substance abuse and emotional problems. Here's how three companies used their EAPs as a way to build and retain diverse workforces.
Legal Insight
Training has been seen as HR's litigation shield. But training has its own set of legal perils • A receptionist who won't change jobs • Notice of firing
Think Twice
Are your employees ready for the "golden years"? They might be in for some dark days if they don't change their saving habits. Todd Raphael offers some ideas on what HR can do to help employees learn how to have a good retirement.