Table of Contents February 2003

February 3, 2003


Unite or Die
If bankrupt United Airlines is going to survive, CEO Glenn F. Tilton will have to gain the trust of a badly divided workforce and find ways to get them to work together more efficiently. It's not mission impossible: Continental emerged from two bankruptcies and is prospering.
By Patrick J. Kiger
Getting a Grip on Executive Compensation
Shareholders and rank-and-file employees didn't mind astronomical executive pay during the bull market. But now they've had enough. Human resources leaders are taking a hand in negotiating compensation packages that reward performance, but avoid excess.
By Eric Krell
Driving Savings with Consumer-Driven Health Care
The plans include a variety of models designed to compel employees to take a more aggressive role in their health-care purchasing decisions. The idea is to make buying health care more like buying a car.
By Fay Hansen
The Soaring Costs of Workers' Comp
Despite rigorous efforts to control costs and prevent accidents, employers sill are seeing staggering premium increases. Here's why the costs keep climbing, and what companies are doing about it.
By Annmarie Geddes Lipold

Special Advertising Section

Product Showcase
Recruitment and Staffing


Between the Lines
Ad Hype Meets Sad Reality
Not-so-healthy advice • Military lessons • Correcting errors in background checking.
The Buzz
Now Playing on a Desktop Near You • White Collar Addictions • Journalists Train for War
On the Contrary
Vague Speak and the Thistlebottom Line: Did you effect some viable outcomes this morning? That blather doesn't impress your new boss, Mrs. Thistlebottom, says Shari Caudron.
What Works
Change (Gasp!) Can (Gasp!) Be Fun: During his icy morning runs, Tom Terex discovers that talking about change is easy. Doing it? That's another story.
Dear Workforce:
A world of HRMS differences • Analyzing your training needs • Background checking for current staffers.
Case Studies
Memo to AOL Time Warner: Why Mergers Fail: Corporate marriages can be colossal trouble--just ask departing AOL chairman Steve Case. Three case studies show what merging companies did to make their disparate cultures mesh.
Legal Insight
Gray Areas in Controlling Employee Lifestyles: Can you refuse to hire someone who smokes? No. Can you ban beards in the office? That depends. Like most legal questions, many answers aren't black and white. Legal Posts: She's conducting phone sex at the office.
Think Twice
Chinese Puzzles and Opportunities: Companies are champing at the bit over the workforce-management opportunities in China. But as one executive told Todd Raphael, there is much that's still mysterious about the market.