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January 1, 2000
Cover Story

The Push Forward
As business continues to accelerate, HR must keep a step ahead. But it seems we aren t as ready for change as we like to think we are. The following articles show you how to control the push forward.

Jobs Disappear
By Shari Caudron
It s becoming more and more apparent that traditional job descriptions are too rigid for today s evolving workplace. HR must reinvent employment structure as work roles become less defined.

Learning Revives Training
By Shari Caudron
Training has a bad reputation for being an empty expense. However, by paying close attention to business strategy, trainers are learning to focus not on how to spend training dollars, but how employees can learn better.

Technology Finally Advances HR
By Samuel Greengard
Blame technology for all the change that s been happening in business. Yet the chaos comes with advantages, and by driving technology through the entire organization, HR can do wonders.

Demand Performance for Benefits
By Jennifer Laabs
Benefits aren t entitlements, though many employees seem to think they are. Perhaps HR should tie benefits to work performance, just like any other item in a compensation package.

The World Stops Shrinking
By Charlene Marmer Solomon
Human resources responsibilities in global business are growing beyond the realm of expatriate management showing HR that the world isn t as small as today s technology presents it to be.

Strategic HR Won t Come Easily
By Jennifer Laabs
Being a "strategic partner" may sound like business as usual for human resources. But HR s new challenge is to provide strong leadership which is proving to be more valuable than ever.

HR 101

In this month s issue, HR 101 teaches you a few hints about incentives and recognition for a changing workforce.


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