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January 8, 2002


80People, Events, & Trends That Shaped HR
From FDR and A. Philip Randolph tothe pink slip and the Baby Boomers, HR has been shaped by anarray of forces and personalities: workers, wars, legalbattles, economic catastrophes, social scientists, demographicshifts, visionaries, politicians -- and even a Russiansatellite. To mark the 80th anniversary of Workforce,we bring you The Workforce 80 -- a kaleidoscopic lookat people, trends, innovations, and events that since 1922have shaped HR and the workplace.

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How Has YourCompany Shaped HR?
Every profession changes, but in the spanof 80 years, HR has transformed itself. Once a bastion of paperwork andrule-making, HR has become a strategic partner through its understandingof an organization's human assets and how best to use them. HR didn't comeso far by itself. It works hand in hand with companies that understand thetrue nature of HR, and know how to help it do its fast-changing job betterevery day.


Between theLines
Making the list.
HR as stumbling block •Envy, envy everywhere •Speed over substance
Videoconferencing pays off in the boondocks •Raw Data: Airline employees flextheir muscle • Researchersfind bias in the overturning of employment law cases
On theContrary
Altruism is in Shari Caudron's heart. She's been acareer counselor, a support-group facilitator for trouble teens, and, mostrecently, a hospital aide. But has she found her true volunteer calling?
What Works
How do you develop empathy? Tom Terezillustrates with the story of Boris Slogar and a potentially explosivee-mail. In a fast society, some things take more time than ever.
Help employees take charge of theircareers • Whoneeds to know what employees make? •Making the case for a staffing increase
Small,Medium, Large
Integrating your HRMS and payroll system might be ano-brainer, but that doesn't mean it's a simple process. Here's how threecompanies realized that they had "a perfect chance to build a bettersystem" and did it, saving money and duplicated effort.
Legal Insight
2002 brings HR a number of criticalemployment-law decisions. Get ready for rulings on FMLA, ADA, andmandatory arbitration. • InLegal Posts: Is an employee's scarf religious garb, or a bad-hair-daydevice? •Employers can't link a union vote topotential job loss.
Think Twice
On the heels of Christmas and New Year's Day, ToddRaphael thinks there's room for one more national holiday: a monthlongrespite from payroll taxes.