The Graceful Leaving Policy

They're allowed to change their minds.

February 27, 2000
Nowhere is Jellyvision’s innovative human resources perspective and respectful treatment of employees more evident than in the company’s Graceful Leaving Policy (GLP).

The GLP encourages employees who are planning on leaving the company to give as much notice as possible, without fear of reprisal and with the option to change their minds and stay at Jellyvision. HR Director Vaiva Vaisnys says, "We’re a project-based company, so we encourage people to give as much notice as possible so that whatever project they’re working on isn’t left in the lurch."

Says Founder Harry Gottlieb, "Our company president, Liz Michaels, and Vaiva really made me understand that how you treat people when they’re leaving says everything about you." Employees who follow the policy receive a prorated portion of their year-end bonus.

According to Vaisnys, it isn’t unusual for exiting employees to provide four, five, or even six months’ notice. "For us, it’s all about the relationship," she says. "We want the best for our products and for our employees, so when they succeed, whether that’s in what they’re working on here or at what they do outside Jellyvision, we celebrate that success."

"When people leave here, generally there are very good feelings," remarks Gottlieb. "That’s important in terms of what it says about the entire organization. You don’t need to be clandestine. You can tell us, and expect that we’ll work with you and treat you in a responsible, caring manner."

Workforce, March 2000, Vol. 79, No. 3, pp. 64.