The Real Purpose of Employee Reviews

Reviews can have some clear benefits if you do them on time.

July 21, 1999
The purpose of an employee review is not to ‘fix’ behavior once a year. If an employee has poor behavior, less than adequate performance or attitude problems, don’t wait a year to fix them. Regular on-going coaching can not be replaced with an annual employee review. 

There are a number of positive benefits to an employee review and there are number of disadvantages to not conducting routine reviews. 

Advantages of reviews:

  • They give the employee the opportunity to better understand expectations, standards and rules.
  • They give the manager an opportunity to ‘get to know’ the employee better.
  • They give the employee the opportunity to learn what behaviors and attitudes they need to improve or modify.
  • They send a message to the employee that you care about their performance as well as them as a person.
  • They can help you chart a better course for the future of the employee.
  • They can help the manager identify weaknesses and strengths that may not have surfaced on a day by day basis.

Disadvantages of irregular or no reviews:

  • They send a message that you are satisfied with performance, attitudes and behavior.
  • They say to the employee they are not important enough for you to take the time for a review.

SOURCE: Tim Connor, Connor Resource Group, February 22, 1999.