Thomson Prometric Meets Global Training Challenge

Special Advertisement : Thomson Prometric helped Quebecor World launch its first online employee training and assessment program to 2,000 employees.

May 29, 2004

The Client: Quebecor World (USA) Inc.

The Challenge:
Implement a comprehensive, accessible and measurable training program in two languages, within five months, to nearly 2,000 employees.

The Solution:
A Thomson Prometric integrated, tailored training and assessment program. The program incorporates targeted e-learning curricula, workbooks and prescriptive assessments—all seamlessly accessible within a new, online learning portal.

Client Profile:
Quebecor World Inc. is the world’s largest commercial printer with 160 plants in 17 countries employing 39,000 workers.

Business globalization presents numerous challenges, including ensuring consistency in employee skill levels. Nearly 2,000 Quebecor World employees, including sales professionals, had not participated in centralized and consistent training since these programs were often managed locally.

Quebecor World needed a consistent, centralized program easily accessible by its multilingual staff, designed to enhance capabilities and bridge individual skill gaps. The program required a partner capable of providing a comprehensive solution, from pre-assessment exams that determine current competencies, to individualized training plans.

The program would segment four audiences: high potential employees, sales personnel, corporate and Information Technology project managers, and plant supervisors. Many plant supervisors were without consistent access to computers—this required an innovative approach to gain their participation. Additionally, Quebecor World’s human resources team and program participants needed a way to easily monitor, track and report progress.

Thomson Prometric
Several businesses within Thomson Learning collaborated to meet Quebecor World’s challenge on a tight deadline.

  • Thomson Prometric delivered pre- and post-assessments gauging competency levels.
  • Thomson NETg, a global leader in enterprise education and training, developed the learning portal and e-learning program, and provided content and prescriptive training services.
  • Thomson Delmar, the leading provider of lifelong learning products and services, contributed printed courseware supplementing the program's online offerings.

Thomson Learning marketing shared more than 45 hours of consultative services. They helped develop the program brand, coordinated an employee communication strategy, implemented a collaborative product support process and evaluated program success against identified goals.

Project management, content, technology and other experts also supported Quebecor World's drive to assess and improve employee skill levels, while targeting identified corporate competencies.

In less than five months, Thomson Prometric helped Quebecor World launch its first online employee training and assessment program to 2,000 employees. The comprehensive program promotes skill consistency and improved engagement, while reducing expenses.

  • 18-24 courses delivered to four target employee groups, some in two languages.
  • Individualized-training plans based on diagnostic, Internet-based pre-assessments.
  • Customized application easily accessible from the Quebecor World employee portal.
  • Computers and kiosks promoting accessibility for frontline supervisors.
  • Secure and consistent test environments delivering valid, unbiased results.
  • The ability to use sophisticated data management services for reviewing results against job performance.