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September 18, 2003
It's no secret that technology is changing the way the world does business.Internet technology, in particular, has become a powerful business tool. Moreand more companies are using this technology to create internal Web portals fortheir workforce. Now, companies can use the power of the Web to run keyapplications, such as payroll, benefits enrollment and recruitment, as well ascentralize both internal and external communications.

    By leveraging a Web workforce portal, organizations improve efficienciesbecause authorized managers and administrators can complete common employeeadministrative tasks, administer benefits, manage staff and access reporting inreal-time, from one central location. Employees can access importantinformation, get questions answered and complete routine updates instantly -improving workforce satisfaction.

    At Ultimate Software, we have brought these innovations into our solution.UltiPro Workforce Management offers not just powerful payroll, HRMS andWeb-based self-service functionality, but also a Web portal that can serve asyour company's communications hub. The UltiPro portal allows you to network yourorganization's people and processes - bringing them together for collaborativeinformation sharing. You can centralize remote locations, whether stores,offices or warehouses, and link to third parties, like your 401(k) or benefitsproviders. The end result is an empowered, more effective workforce.

    Clearly the Internet is here to stay, and Web technologies continue toadvance at a swift pace. By implementing a Web workforce portal, your businesscan leverage the many business benefits - including increased efficiency,reduced operating costs and improved employee satisfaction - that Internettechnology is uniquely positioned to offer.

Scott Scherr
CEO/President and Founder
Ultimate Software