Useful Information on Navigating the FMLA Maze

July 21, 2003

HR Must Take Proactive Steps To Curb FMLA Misuse
It's not enough to skim over the Family and Medical Leave Act anymore. Unless employers maintain a careful balance between the letter of the law and its many implications, they leave the door wide open to misunderstandings—and abuse.

Advice for Coordinating Federal, State and Local Leave Laws
Because employer rights and obligations provided by state and local laws vary significantly from each other and from the rights and obligations of the FMLA, they subject employers to a complexity of rules that often appear inconsistent. Here is some advice to help coordinate between various leave laws.

Courts Disagree on Using Paid Leave for Unpaid FMLA
The author recommends you provide notice to employees whenever paid leave will be or is being substituted for unpaid FMLA.

Employers Need an FMLA Brush-up
Employers are stumbling over everything from the definition of a serious health condition to events triggering leave. A review and update on the FMLA.

Intermittent Leave Under the FMLA
How to minimize the administrative nightmare.

Designating FMLA-Qualified Leave
What you need to know about alerting employees that an absence is related to the FMLA.

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