What Do Employees Love in a Job

February 14, 2000
Are you looking to add a benefit…free massages, pet care or the like? Before you do it, consider a recent study indicating the benefit employees most want.

A comfortable, flexible environment topped the list of desired perks in a national Job Satisfaction Survey conducted by SurveySite for The survey points to a trend toward a new ideal American workplace that is personalized to the individual.

Survey respondents indicated a desire for employment in a workplace where they can custom-tailor their hours to suit personal needs. Other preferences include the option to telecommute and work where they want, as well as casual attire policies that allow them to dress as they like.

However, 89% of respondents still say the most important factor in considering a job opportunity is salary, and more than 50% believe they are underpaid

It's a reminder that in many workplaces, salary and scheduling are your bread-and-butter benefit.

SOURCE: SurveySite and, February 2000.