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September 7, 2011
Stories by Patrick J. Kiger
Recognizing that many employees are stressed out and distracted by the high price of gas, about half of U.S. employers have instituted programs and benefits to help ease the anxiety. Evaluating commuting pat-terns, staffing needs and cost-to-benefit ratios is key before embarking on a solution, according to experts. And, they add, it’s nota one-size-fits-all situation. Flexibility and creativity are crucial. Still, helping out workers can go a long way toward keeping them satisfied while on the job. It can also be a way to attract new talent.


Rolling Through the Downturn
Stories by Irwin Speizer

Corporations are adjusting to the weak U.S. real estate market without significantly scaling back on domestic relocations. Meanwhile, international moves are booming, with many employees at global companies bypassing state-side assignments. Yet many executives are more optimistic about their situations and the ability to continue relocations, but are less hopeful about the overall economy. In fact, a recent survey revealed that just 5 percent planned to scale back relocations in 2008.

The Last Word
Investment opportunity
John Hollon
The final blame
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 More Workers Dip in to 401(K)s
Rocky economy and rise in layoffs create need for hardship withdrawals; Co-working Cuts Commutes; Long-term Lag 5 Questions: Stewart Friedman on leadership. Legal Briefings: FMLA; text messaging. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List: Payroll Providers and 401(K) plan administrators. Data Bank: Squeezed and stuck. and more

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