Workforce Management, October 2010

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September 7, 2011

App Happy

by Michelle V. Rafter

 Mobile applications are giving on-the-go HR execs the ability to track payroll, train and hire.



Special Report on Contingent Staffing:

Contingency Plan

by Irwin Speizer

 In the second quarter, staffing agency revenue hit $16.9 billion, a

33 percent increase over a year earlier, but experts say overall weakness in the economy could hurt future growth.



 The Last Word

All Work and No Play ...

Ronald J. Alsop  


Disability Story Delivers

From our readers

  Who'll Have the Last Laugh?

The new NBC sitcom Outsourced tackles the touchy subject of sending jobs to India; A Need for Speed as 'Fast HR' Catches On; Coping With 401(k) Withdrawal; Taking Control of Anger Management; From Conflict to 'Cohorts': When Young and Older Workers Mix. Legal Briefings: nursing mothers; independent contractors. The Hot List:

HR Management System Providers. Data Bank: Access and Affordability



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