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Workforce Survey: In the Company of Contingents

August 6, 2012
The “free-agent nation” is coming to fruition as never before. But many questions remain about what a more impermanent workforce will look like and how companies ought to manage contingent workers (temporary employees, contractors and independent consultants). To help answer those questions, Workforce Management in June surveyed 1,180 readers on the topic of contingent labor. We found that accessing specialized skills is a key factor in the growing use of contingents, quality concerns are central and companies are starting to develop strategies for becoming a client of choice for contingent workers. The survey captured the views of companies of varying sizes, though about 55 percent of respondents were from firms with one to 500 employees. Roughly three-quarters of respondents work at organizations based in the United States, but all regions of the world were represented. See the results of the survey.
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