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Quick Takes January 9, 2007

A Digest of Workforce Management News and Events

January 8, 2007
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New Year, Old Problem: Most U.S. workers would gladly change jobs if the right opportunity presented itself, according to a survey of 5,300 adults by Yahoo HotJobs.
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Diversity Deal: Capital H Group of Chicago has acquired a diversity training company.
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Relocaton Merger: Primacy Relocation of Memphis, Tennessee, has acquired Foursquare Relocation for an undisclosed sum.
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HR Software: HR software company Ultimate Software of Weston, Florida, has acquired RTIX Ltd., a British company that specializes in software for employee performance reviews and training.
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HR Shakeout in U.K.: Payroll and HR outsourcing company Northgate Information Solutions, based in Chester, England, is acquiring Link HR Systems for about $24 million.
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Vendor Roundup: Belfast, Northern Ireland-based ICS Computing says it is launching an HR outsourcing consulting service to complement its HR and payroll services offerings.
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