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Recruiter_Manager Interfaces With Applicant Tracking Systems

December 15, 2000
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With the requisition part supplying the jobs and the application collectionpart supplying the candidates, an effective means of connecting the two isessential. At a minimum, an ATS application will be able to track a posted joband all the applicants that have either applied for the position or meet thequalifications for the job.

Recruiters or hiring managers can merely search the database and select theapplicants they wish to interview. Some programs will automatically do aninitial screen to make sure the applicant meets the minimum qualifications forthe job, while in others (usually non-Web-based applications) this requires therecruiter or manager to manually review the application.

For companies that have far-flung operations, certain ATS programs can putthe entire hiring process into one easy snapshot.

For example, a company with an HR department located in Chicago has anapplicant that has met the minimum qualifications to be in the applicant pooland is being considered for a position in a plant in Atlanta. The ATS willattach the Atlanta job to that applicant and create a series of database fieldsthat can collect information such as required EEO, interview dates, notes onindividual interviews or manager notes if applicants are referred to otherpositions.

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The hiring manager in Atlanta can have the ability to update the database ashe meets with the applicant and advise the recruiter in Chicago of the progress.This can all be handled over e-mail or directly through the ATS application,again in a paperless environment.

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