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Repetition Of a Limited Number of Messages is Key to Getting Your Message Across to the Media

May 22, 2000
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President Kennedy often decided beforehand what he wanted the media to learn during his press conferences, and then he repeated statements over and over until they got through to reporters.

When dealing with the media -- or anyone else, for that matter -- communicate like Kennedy. When preparing for an important conversation, whittle your key messages down to just one or two items.

For example, assume a local reporter wants to discuss with you why your turnover rate has soared this year.

Decide on the most important variable causing the shortage. Come prepared to back up why that variable exists, and what can be done to remedy the situation. If you have to repeat it many times in the interview, and then again when the reporter calls a week later, do it.

These days, we're being bombarded with more messages than ever before, and the only way to get your through is to stick with one -- over and over and over.


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