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September 28, 2006
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Talent Retention Becomes a Recruiting Strategy
Trust in line managers is the key to keeping employees longer and reducing both the direct costs of hiring new employees and the indirect business costs of turnover.

Dear Workforce: How Do We Hire to Retain Workers and Reduce Turnover?
Kudos for striving to be highly selective. This makes an invaluable statement to your current employees and other stakeholders.

Dear Workforce: How Do We Find Out Why Large Numbers of People Are Jumping Ship Even Before Their Probation Ends?
Use open-ended exit-interview questions to unearth the real truth behind this exodus.

Dear Workforce: How Do We Prove That Lowering Turnover Benefits the Company?
Lowering turnover has tangible and intangible benefits to employees.

Keeping Your Best Troops
Private firms are eager to hire away the talent that the U.S. Army Special Forces has worked long and hard to develop. The military, however, can’t compete with the lavish salaries that its private-sector competitors offer to military-trained personnel. Out of necessity, the Army has developed other retention strategies, ones that cash-strapped employers can emulate.

The Turnover Myth
Minimizing churn has long been an article of faith for many workforce executives, but others actively manage turnover for maximum financial return. They drive it up when it is too low, push it down when it is too high, and understand its true costs and benefits.

Dear Workforce: How Can I Demonstrate to Managers the Importance of Retention to Our Bottom Line?
Make sure managers know what your turnover figures mean to them. Then provide them with avenues of training and support so they become the frontline retention strategists.

Dear Workforce: How Can We Retain Our Best and Brightest?
Supporting higher education is a sensible move, but whether you can do the job well is usually more important than a piece of paper

Employee Loyalty Acid Test
This survey will help you find out what employees are really thinking about their jobs.

Hiring Manager Quality Survey
A series of questions about the recruiting process--from the quality of the candidates to the timing--for a recruiting department to use in surveying managers.

Sample New-hire Questionnaire
This sample questionnaire can be used to help personalize your management and motivation for new hires.

How to Figure Out if You’re an Employer of Choice
The term "employer of choice" gets bandied about, but what does it really mean? San Francisco State professor John Sullivan gives you a 25-factor test to determine if you’re an employer of choice.

Job Candidate Satisfaction Surveys
These surveys can help you understand how you are being perceived, what the process felt like to candidates and how candidates were treated. You’ll find separate forms for candidates who rejected jobs, for candidates who accepted jobs and for candidates who weren’t offered jobs.

What Makes Some Employers So Desired
A list of 54 best practices that are associated with the companies that people most want to work for.

Sample Policy for Hiring from the Outside
This sample policy includes a description of one company’s employee-referral system.

Dear Workforce: Apart from Cash, What Are Some Effective Retention Tools?
Forget the one-size-fits-all retention strategy. Instead, realize that the ultimate goal is to retain one focused, motivated worker at a time.

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