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Sample Exit Interview

February 23, 2001
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Thisexit survey focuses on the issues that come into play when an employee decidesto leave a company. The survey will help employers understand the factors thatare involved. It focuses on issues dealing with the manager, job, and overallsatisfaction.


HireDate: Resignation Date:



Brieflyindicate what factors first caused you to consider leaving the company:


Brieflyindicate what factors triggered your leaving the company at this time:


Whatis your overall opinion of the company?Please rate the following using this scale:

1- excellent

2- good

3- fair

4- poor




[___]Recruiting Process

[___]Orientation Process

[___]Initial Training

[___]Interest in Employees

[___]Growth Opportunities

[___]Ongoing Training

[___]Physical Working Conditions

[___]Keeping Employees Informed

[___]Treating Employees Fairly

[___]Upholding Company Values

[___]Morale Overall

[___]Open-Door Policy

[___]Morale in Your Area

[___]Performance Review Process

[___]Helpfulness/Knowledge of Human Resources

[___]Medical/Health Benefits

[___]Other Benefits

[___]Cooperation among All Employees and Management

[___]Equipment/Resources to Do Job Properly

[___]Recognition for Job Well Done

[___]Incentive/Bonus Program

[___]Communication of Internal Opportunities

[___]Company's Concern with Quality and Excellence

[___]Overall Company Image


Pleasecomment on any 1 or 2 scores in the space below:


Pleaserate your manager using this scale:

1- always

2- usually

3- seldom

4- never


[___]Resolved complaints and concerns promptly.

[___]Listened to suggestions.

[___]Encouraged cooperation.

[___]Treated you fairly.

[___]Provided leadership.

[___]Clearly communicated expectations.

[___]Was honest.

[___]Gave performance feedback.

[___]Coached, trained, and developed you.

[___]Recognized accomplishments.

[___]Provided appropriate and challenging assignments.

[___]Built teamwork.


Pleasecomment on any 1 or 2 scores in the space below:


Doyou have another job? If so, how does it compare with your last job here?


Whatdid you like most about your last job?


Whatdid you like least about your last job?


Whatcould have been done to encourage you not to leave?


Wasthis made known to your manager?


Whydid you originally join the company?


Whatdid you like most about the company?


Whatdid you like least about the company?


Wouldyou be open to the idea of returning to our company?




Doyou have any objection to our sharing your responses with management?


Doyou think the company lives up to its values? __Yes __No


Ifno, which values did we not live up to, and how can we change for the better?


Whatother suggestions do you have that will help the company improve?


Whatsuggestions do you have that will help the company keep good people?


Anyother comments you would like to add at this time: 


SOURCE:Keepingthe People Who Keep You in Business, Copyright© 2000 American Management Association International, 

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