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Sample 'Love Contract' Letter

May 1, 1999
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Dear [Name of Object of Affection]:

As we discussed, I know that this may seemsilly or unnecessary to you, but I really want you to give serious consideration to thematter as it is very important to me. [Add other material as appropriate].

I very much value our relationship and Icertainly view it as voluntary, consensual and welcome. And I have always felt that you feel the same. However, I know that sometimes an individual may feel compelled to engage in or continue a relationship against their will out of concern that it may affect the jobor working relationships.

It is very important to me that our relationship be on an equal footing and that you be fully comfortable that our relationship is at all times fully voluntary and welcome. I want to assure you that under no circumstances will I allow our relationship or, should it happen, the end of our relationship, to impact on your job or our working relationship. Though I know you have received a copy of [our company’s] sexual harassment policy, I am enclosing a copy [Add specific reference to policy as appropriate] so that you can read and review it again. Once you have done so, I would greatly appreciate your signing this letter below, if you are in agreement with me.

[Add personal closing]

Very truly yours,

I have read this letter and the accompanying sexual harassment policy, and I understand and agree with what is stated in both this letter and the sexual harassment policy. My relationship with [name] has been(and is) voluntary, consensual and welcome. I also understand that I am free to end this relationship at any time and, in doing so, it will not adversely impact on my job.

[Signature of object of affection]

SOURCE: Teresa Butler, Littler Mendelson, Atlanta, 888-LITTLER

The information contained in this article is intended to provide useful information on the topic covered,but should not be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion.

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