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Sample Requirements Record

May 11, 2001
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Below is a sample "requirements record," which outlines theresources, constraints, and other parameters of a project.

Project Title: The Jacksonville Company Management Information System

Project Manager: Michael James

Date: May 14, 2002


A Management Information System (MIS) to support a corporate officeconsisting of fifty people. The MIS will produce forms, reports, data, andanalyses specified by the Information Systems Department's needs analysis (MISNeeds Analysis, dated January 30, 2002). The MIS will be operational no laterthan April 1, 2003.

Assumptions: The following assumptions have been made in determining theresource requirements for this project:

  • Jack Smith will be assigned as the technical lead for the project

  • Jean Jordan and Bill Williams will be available 50% of their time tosupport the project manager with clerical and financial assistance

  • The IS department will complete their technology assessment by June 1, 2002

  • This project has priority one status


  • Given the number of competing projects at Jacksonville, the schedule can bemet only with complete functional area support of resources and materials

  • A budget of $200,000 may be insufficient to support IS's technologyrecommendations

Required Resources:

  • Technical lead

  • Two full-time programmers

  • One part-time programmer

  • Two design engineers

  • One systems engineer

Functional Groups Participating:

  • Engineering

  • Information Systems

  • Software Development

From "The Project ManagementWorkshop," © 2001 James Taylor. Allrights reserved.

Published by AMACOMBooks, Division of AmericanManagement Association, 1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019, To order call:800/262-9699.

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