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Secret Israeli Agency Unveils Public Recruiting Web Site

June 2, 2004
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The Mossad secret intelligence service--sort of a CIA of Israel--has launched a recruiting Web site listing jobs as psychologists, teachers, translators, typists, construction engineers and security guards.

The new site is the first substantial online-recruiting site for the agency, replacing a "rudimentary single-page predecessor," according to the Associated Press. Much of the site, including the job listings, is in Hebrew, though there’s a more limited English version.

The Mossad offers a why-you-should-work-here statement not unlike many corporations. The agency, according to the values statement, encourages "excellence and goal orientation, initiative, creativity, resourcefulness and courage."

Candidates for a Mossad job use an online application to list their previous visits abroad, the languages they speak, their military service and other information.


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