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Shari Caudron, Contributing Editor

May 15, 1999
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Greetings Web surfer! I'm one of Workforce's three contributing editors.

As a business writer who works for a number of different publications, I get to write for and about the corporate world without actually being part of it. Not that the corporate world is bad, mind you, it's just that 8-to-5 days, hour-long commutes and an absurd investment in panty hose aren't my style. I confess: I'm much more productive working in sweat pants from my home office in Denver.

I've been contributing articles to Workforce (formerly Personnel Journal) since 1989, and I've been a loyal writer - and reader - ever since. Without exception, everyone who works for the magazine cares about the same mission: improving business success by improving the working lives of the employees who run those businesses.

The highlight of writing for Workforce has been the ability to watch and report on changes that are having a profound effect not only on the workplace, but also on society as a whole. I'm talking about such things as the demise of cradle-to-grave employment, the increasing diversity of the U.S. population, the rise of virtual offices and the rapid globalization of our economy.

Working for Workforce puts me in touch with professionals who care about the impact these changes are having on people.

As a magazine that's not afraid to be on the cutting edge, Workforce allows me to research and write about important issues that aren't always covered in the mainstream press.

While I'm proud of the fact that my work for the magazine has been recognized by the American Society of Business Press Editors, I get more excited when readers tell me that one of my stories helped them to do their jobs better.

When I submitted my first article to Workforce (then Personnel Journal), I had no idea that I would develop such admiration and respect for human resources professionals. But that's just what has happened. I'm thankful that the magazine continues to give me an opportunity to write about this dynamic profession.

If you have any cutting-edge ideas that you'd like the magazine to explore, please e-mail me by clicking the icon below. Working together, we can make the workplace not only more efficient and profitable, but also a place where all employees can enjoy doing the best work possible. Contact me at


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