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Simply Hired Makes Print Media Deal With News Corp

December 7, 2006
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The relationship between Simply Hired and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. took a big step forward this week as the job aggregator announced it is partnering with the media giant’s New York Post. The move, announced Tuesday, December 5, represents Simply Hired’s first joint venture in print media.

In addition, the job search site revealed it was expanding the search functions of MySpace Jobs. Simply Hired has provided technology for News Corp.’s social networking site since June.

Terms of the deals were not disclosed, but they foreshadow the type of cross-media partnerships that Simply Hired may pursue in 2007.

"We have just begun scratching the surface of opportunities that can be seized with a partner of such sheer scale," says Phil Carpenter, vice president of marketing for Simply Hired. News Corp. is the parent company of The Times of London, TV Guide and the Fox television network and film studios.

Besides enabling Simply Hired to diversify its media partners, News Corp. can also extend the job aggregator’s geographic reach. News Corp. maintains a strong presence in Europe, Asia and Australia.

"The war for talent is just as tough overseas," Carpenter says. "We hope to lend a helping hand globally."

Separately, the deals are interesting but not earth-shattering, industry observers contend. Combined, however, they carry a lot of weight because they join the wave of media alliances that have hit the job board industry in recent months. They are also important because of their strategic creativity--Simply Hired shows a willingness to push the envelope by not only partnering with traditional print media but also with alternative outlets like MySpace. In April, Simply Hired also forged a strategic relationship with online networking site LinkedIn.

Joining forces with a diverse group of media outlets is appealing for the job board industry because, in theory, these partnerships can increase the exposure of job postings across more audiences and stretch their geographic scope.

But it’s too early to predict whether such alliances will succeed in delivering their promise of faster and more effective recruitment, says Mark Mehler, co-founder of CareerXroads, a recruiting consultancy based in Kendall Park, New Jersey.

"The proof is in the pudding," he says.

There is a difference between expanding the visibility of job ads and being able to provide high-quality candidates that make the cut and get hired, he explains.

As of Tuesday, the job aggregator began supplementing the Post’s career section, NYP@Work, giving job seekers access to roughly 5 million job listings on Simply Hired. The Post is the country’s fifth-largest newspaper, and its Web site draws 2.7 million unique monthly visitors, Carpenter explains.

Simply Hired also announced it was launching a new résumé syndication service on MySpace Jobs. The service allows job seekers to post their résumés on one central platform and have Simply Hired distribute them to six other job boards, including Monster, CareerBuilder,, GettingHired, Net-Temps and

Job seekers generally must go through the time-consuming process of populating data fields for each individual job site where they want to post their résumé. Similar résumé-posting tools are offered by other job search sites, but not on this scale, according to Carpenter. MySpace has about 130 million members.

Simply Hired and News Corp.’s relationship began in April when Fox Interactive Media and venture capital firm Foundation Capital invested $13.5 million in the job aggregator.

The financing brought Simply Hired’s total funding to $17.7 million in 2006.

--Gina Ruiz

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