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Sixteen Questions To Ask a Legal Service Before Committing

October 1, 1996
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Be sure to ask these 16 questions before committing to a legal service:

  • How many lawyers does your service have in its network?
  • Are your networks nationwide or local?
  • Does the plan use an open, closed or modified panel?
  • How many years has the company been offering this service?
  • What qualifications do the panel's attorneys have—including years in the field?
  • Are the attorneys specialists or generalists?
  • How much time is a participating attorney required to commit to the plan participants?
  • Does your company operate the toll-free telephone line or does an outside company?
  • Do employees have immediate access to an attorney round-the-clock or just during set hours?
  • If an employee's situation requires an office visit, how flexible and quick is the scheduling?
  • Can my company design a plan however it wants?
  • What's the plan usage rate?
  • Do your service's lawyers carry personal liability coverage, errors-and-omissions coverage and hold-
  • harmless agreements?
  • What services does your company provide?
  • What services will it refuse to provide?
  • How does your company's rates compare with other services—give me an example.

Personnel Journal, October 1996, Vol. 75, No. 10, p. 52.

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