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Some Job Sites for Hiring Short-Term or Project Workers

December 31, 2000
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Despite the labor shortage, freelance specialists are often available inabundance, and can be easily accessed through a host of project-serviceproviders. The following service providers may help you to obtain a qualifiedand experienced freelancer to fulfill any component or service you require, fromsimple to complex projects.
Ants is slightly over one year old and a relative newcomer, but claims theyare growing at a rate of 1% per day. With a snappy home page, Ants offers avariety of project categories which work on a bid system, and allows a potentialproject manager the feature of opting out and canceling a project at any timeduring the bidding process. Extra features which they offer project managersinclude links to skills and training, background checks, legal services, officesupplies, certification, financial services and professional services.Additionally, an employer can discus the project through online meeting servicesand technical support.
This company specializes in a particularly global offering for small andmedium-size businesses. It requires that freelance members post three thumbnailsketches or samples of completed work before the company even allows them to bidon a project. It focuses on very specific services such product labels, voicework or Power Point, plus a score of other specialties. Bullhorn will do thematching by taking your requirements and e-mailing qualified freelancers aboutyour project so you don't have to do the matching yourself. They provide thetools to allow you to collaborate, review creative work and will assist you inmanaging deadlines. They also provide online meetings between parties throughaudio, data and video support.
A well-designed and easy-to-use format allows a prospective employer to usean eBay-style auction format to find the right professional. Service providers(freelancers) can then bid for projects, while the employer can glean through ascore of potential contract workers and base their decision on anything fromprofessional qualifications to the cost of service. A personal-accounts pageallows you to converse with the freelancer to discuss aspects or particularsabout the project. A "workspace" is opened to receive material fromeither party, and allows you to monitor the progress of the project. Payment ismade through eLance, and a feedback mechanism is in place to rate the quality ofthe service provider.
This company advertises a broad range of professional features, includingthose needing translation services, as well as areas such as "Travel andHospitality," and a section for "Mind/Body/Spirit." It costs$50.00 to post each project. There are a variety of billing services andassorted benefits for employers, recruiters and consultants. You can pinpointyour precise requirements, which include defining your requirements according toprofessional requirements, skills and even location through a relativelyuser-friendly matching system, and can access an expert advice column to helpguide you in your search.
Allows you to seek out the services of consultants, freelancers, andcontractors, especially along the lines of "techies" and "creatives."Their search engine assists a prospective employer in targeting those withprecise talents. Their services include searching for the right full-timeemployees as well. A whole host of 'gurus' are available for almost all anemployer's needs, whether it be a small or long-term project. An employer canalso check out references and compare project candidates.
Provides services for both project managers and full-time employment. Asidefrom the regular range of professional categories, ICPlanet also offers theadditional category of "scientific research" as a particular featureof note. As a hiring manager, you can streamline your search through amultiple-prioritized search criteria, and an automated work history verificationfeature. Search features can narrow your candidate even further to includeavailability. With a company account, you can use an online organizer to trackand manage your candidates. They provide tips on managing an internationalworkforce and provide a link to help keep you in track and on top of the latesttrends in employment law.
Art and commercial artistry are the main focus of this company, which has aportfolio for an amazing 350 unique descriptions ranging from photography,illustration, graphic design, film and video, just to name a few. Establishedsince 1996 as the first Web site of its kind, this company boasts of a databasecontaining 350,000 companies and professionals. They are redesigning theircreative job bank to allow for easier access for contract workers and employersto find each other and simplify the matching process.
Software that allows project managers, staffing companies to access thedatabases to find talent and expertise through a matching engine. They provideadditional features such as payroll, benefits, and offers the services of anautomated system which makes managing your workforce more efficient. TheExchange provides online collaboration, project management, plus time trackingand invoicing features.

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