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Stretching Retention with Flexible Scheduling

March 24, 2000
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Ever heard someone say there aren't enough hours in a day? Well, you can't create more, but here are some ways to come close:

1. Reward your starts by giving them more flexibility and more perks. A grocery store chain in Michigan lets its top performers pick their own schedules, which include an option to work three, 13-hour days a week. It's a shift that's proven to be popular.

2. Set higher productivity goals for employees, then offer them generous amounts of time off if they exceed the goals. For example, they can go home at 3 p.m. for the rest of the month if they hit the goals. This works particularly well with sales teams.

3. Give employees a chance to attend classes during the day if they are working toward a college or advanced degree. Many new graduates are looking for jobs that let them build new skills through continuing education.

4. Let employees work at home. For example, a bank that has problems staffing a 24-hour call center, especially during unpopular work hours such as 6 to 9 a.m., can let its top performers telecommute.

5. Allow employees to set their schedules according to the time of year that they need the most time off. An employee who coaches Little League and football might want to work 60 hours a week in the winter and 35 hours a week during spring and summer.

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