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Table of Contents April 2002

March 29, 2002
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Retirementat Risk: What HR Must Do
A "perfect storm" offorces is bearing down on retirement in the U.S. The stockmarket rumbles, Enron crumbles, and Social Security seemsshaky. Here's how HR should respond to quell employee feers.
By Shari Caudron
5Ways to Make a More Powerful Portal
To cut costs and maximizebenefits, HR portals must be tweaked and adjusted. Here aresome ways to rev up your portal's performance for ease of use,employee relevance, and functionality.
By Samuel Greengard
RewardsGet Results
Put away your cash. Whether it'sproductivity, safety, or another business result, publicpraise and non-cash rewards are strong motivators.
By Janet Wiscombe
OptimasCompetitive Advantage Winner: Succession Planning KeepsWellPoint Competitive
The company's Human ResourcePlanning System identifies key succession candidates, allowingit to promote quickly from within. Management builds on itsstrengths in a highly competitive market, and saves millionsof dollars in recruiting and retention costs.
By Patrick J. Kiger

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ProductShowcase: E-Learning
When Fortune 1000 executives were asked in arecent survey what their employees need, they said access to moreinformation to help them do their jobs well, a better understanding ofcorporate strategy, and more skills to help them collaborate across teamand organizational boundaries. E-learning offers efficient, involving,cost-effective ways to achieve all those goals.


Between theLines
Break of day
Health-Care Clarity • Mintzberg isMissing • Cuban Comparisons
Taking Time Off from Advertising • Hiringthe Ritz Way • Well Done:Going for Generation Y • Raw Data: HR Enters the Hewlett PackardFray.
On theContrary
Not Just Another Fish Story: ShariCaudron babysits a neighbor's bright-blue betta and finds herself caughtup in a life-and-death drama fraught with false identities, evasion, andlies. Tawdry? Yes. And educational, too.
What Works
The Case for Slowing Down: AfterSeptember 11, people vowed to reorder their lives. But Tom Terez seessigns that the daily grind is taking over again. Resist it, he says.
Linking pay and productivity • How tointerview an interviewer • Justifying the need for HR. 
Small,Medium, Large
Three Companies Cut Turnover withTests: Pre-employment behavioral testing can help you winnow down thatstack of resumes and discover the applicants that really fit into yourorganization's culture.
Legal Insight
E-Recruiting Ushers in Legal Dangers:The Internet is an HR godsend, but it's not without its risks,particularly when it comes to allegations of disparate treatment inhiring. Legal Posts: The ADA and commuting.
Think Twice
Why Stars Switch Galaxies: Itwasn't money that took Great Van Susteren from CNN to Fox. She feltignored as CNN courted new talent. Todd Raphael wonders if you'reneglecting your company's shining lights as you recruit new stars.
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