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November 29, 1999
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Cover Story Bashing HR on the Web
By Shari Caudron
Thanks to the Internet, employees can share information in a highly public—albeit anonymous—fashion. In the process, they have the potential to undermine everything HR does.


Stock Options Have Their Ups & Downs
By Samuel Greengard
Employers love stock options because they don’t cost a cent. But HR is finding there are many potential problems that come with this increasingly popular form of compensation.

Do Non-compete Agreements Really Protect You?
By Bradley T. Adler
The use of non-compete agreements has dramatically increased to protect employers from unfair competition. You should know when they’re appropriate and how to apply them correctly.

Job Offers: Closing the Deal
By Jennifer Laabs
Closing an employment deal involves writing offer letters, negotiating employment terms and getting new employees oriented to their new jobs and firms. There are some new twists on these basic steps that can give you an edge in today’s tight employment marketplace.

Who’s Investing in HR?
By Linda Davidson
A tight labor market has forced companies in every location and industry to spend more money on "people issues." A new survey asks HR professionals about the real worth of human resources in Corporate America.

HR 101

In this month’s issue, HR 101 covers fundamentals and best practices of compensation, as well as tips for a more organized spreadsheet.


Putting It Together
Reality Doesn’t Have a Job Description

News Angle
Boeing Extends Health Plan to Domestic Partners

The Buzz
   Working Wounded: How Do You Avoid Lawsuits?
   On the Contrary: Bottom-Line Confessions
   The Leading Edge: Our Future Needs Collaborative Leadership

Technology Is Changing Expatriate Training

Disaster Volunteerism Builds Companywide Spirit

Legal Insight
Create Policies to Temper Employees’ Rights to E-Privacy

Money Matters
Is Your Company’s Rewards Package Out of Sync?

Should Unreported Absences Result in Termination?

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