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January 2, 2003
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HR is Dead. Long Live HR.
Is HR history? Outsourcing is on the rise, and experts say HR head counts will eventually plummet by 25 percent or more. An yet, HR leaders like Kathleen S. Barclay of General Motors believe the profession is more important that ever. Could both views be correct? Yes. And here's why.
By Shari Caudron
Gearing Up for Active Duty
On the eve of what might be the largest reserve deployment in U.S. history, companies vary widely in how they treat reservists. Some do the bare minimum, or pressure employees to leave the reserves. Others support reservists, and reap loyalty and recruiting benefits.
By Fay Hansen
Are You Ready for Paid Family Leave?
California has passed the nation's first paid family leave law, hailed as family friendly by some and jeered as a "job killer" and a bureaucratic nightmare by others. Will other states follow?
By Douglas P. Shuit
Finding the Cure for Pharmacy Costs 
Prescription drugs account for 15 percent of an employer's health-care expenditures and are growing faster than any other area. Plan design, pharmacy-benefit managers and tiered plans all play a role in cost control.
By Joanne Sammer
Stock Options: Overused and Underwater 
HR professionals face major challenges with this once-attractive recruiting and compensation tool. But there are remedies.
By Don Delves


Between the Lines
Communicate the Commitment
Why Good Workers Stay • A Bad Rap for "Chainsaw" Al? • Kind Words Woo Know-It-Alls
The Buzz
New Homeland Security Agency Brings Huge HR Changes • United's HR Tasks Will Soar • HR & Pop Culture: A Novel Look at Women and Work
On the Contrary
A Road to New Resolutions: Shari Caudron makes resolutions during a New Year's Day hike. But after hitching a ride with a new-hippie, she decides to see the new year differenlty.
What Works
The Power of Nice: Tom Terez's e-mail over flows with tales of Snapes and snipers and other workplace vipers. What works better than mean? Nice. And he's got the stats to prove it.
Dear Workforce:
Recruiting for "world-class" workers • Should Six Sigma "black belts" get bonuses? •The wages of change • The right recruiting metrics
Case Studies
Three Stories of Self-Service Success: HR fights back against paperwork, expense, and errors by instituting employee and manager self-service systems. It might take the managers a little longer to adjust.
Legal Insight
Health Information Must Stay Private: In April, HIPPA's privacy rules go into effect. If your company isn't well on its way to compliance, HR will have to jump-start the effort. Legal Posts: Can companies refuse to consider applications from foreign nationals?
Think Twice
Meet HR's New Best Friend: Turnover: You've been told that turnover is a horror to be avoided at all costs. But Todd Raphael reports on research that turns that notion on it's head. Turnover can help companies be profitable--under the right circumstances.
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