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May 31, 2001
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Your wonderful (and terrible) HR life, learning management reports, virtual teams, and HR for spies -- all in the June issue of Workforce! Subscribe Now!


It'sthe Best of Jobs, It's the Worst of Jobs. It's Life in HR.
A Day in the Life of HR: Your stories, andtwo tales of HR that fits -- and shapes -- company culture.
YourWonderful, Terrible HR Life
You've handled it all, from crazedcomputers to fashion counseling for transvestites.
By Janet Wiscombe
Mediationand Mindfulness at Sounds True
At this recording company, HR balances alofty mission with a worldly bottom line.
By Shari Caudron
Secretsand Strategy at Kroll
When your investigation firm's work readslike a spy novel, you can't do HR by the book.
By Patrick J. Kiger
WhatLearning Management Reports Do For You
Systems that track progress and ROI canmake even a skeptical CEO see training's value.
By Todd Raphael
ManagingVirtual Teams
Technology and people skills createeffective teams that might never actually "meet."
By Charlene Marmer Solomon
EmployeeReferral Saves Time, Saves Money, Delivers Quality
It doesn't take big bonuses to getemployees to refer high-quality job candidates. Here's what doeswork.
By Carroll Lachnit

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LeaderSummit Series:
HR Tech Trends
Industry leaders discuss technologies thatbring the cutting edge to HR and training.


Between theLines
HR and the bell of mindfulness.
What makes workers happy?
A controversial child-care study's message for HR •Retreat from business casual •Raw Data: Electronic incentivebackfires •Well Done: Hiring social outcasts
On theContrary
In Sin City, Shari Caudron decries gaucheextravagance while finishing off a $300 meal. Contradiction can be a goodthing, she says.
What Works
A kindergarten teaches Tom Terez why somuch of management focuses on control, instead of on curiosity andcreativity.
Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao talks about how herdepartment will approach ergonomics, the tech challenge, and otherworkplace issues of the 21st century.
HR expertise on swing-shift child care,performance appraisals that wow workers, paperless attendance and thebenefits of employee empowerment.
The Supreme Court weighs in on mandatoryarbitration •Sorting out a claim of bias •The continuing duty to accommodateunder the ADA.
Small,Medium, Large
Well-designed incentive, recognition, and rewardprograms make business of all sizes more successful. Here's the evidence,from a small contractor supply house, to the largest steel producer in theU.S.
Think Twice
You won't believe it at first, but ToddRaphael thinks you and your business will cheer if Congress raises theminimum wage.
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